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Silo for storing granulated meal

Creative Agromash designs and produces silos with a flat metal or concrete bottom for prompt storage or accumulation of granulated sunflower and soybean meal. Silos produced by the technology of the German company Lipp-system AG are ideal for manufacturing, storage

and shipments to river and sea transport of granulated soybean and sunflower meal.

  Our company produces spiral silos according to the German technology of the company Lipp-system. Installation of the spiral-folded silo is carried out at the customer site using an automated installation. The body of our silo, in contrast to the silo of wavy panels on the bolted assembly, has a perfectly flat surface inside the silo, the flat surface of the body does not allow the products to stick to the wall of the silo. We also have the opportunity in the lower part of the silo body to expand the diameter of the silo, and thus additionally create a negative angle.A negative angle eliminates sticking of the product to the body, since under its own weight the product simply falls off at the bottom of the body. The silo body is made of galvanized steel with galvanized zinc coating by hot-dip galvanizing of not less than 275 g / m2, it is also possible to use steel with enhanced anti-corrosion properties, steel with German Magnelis coating gives high corrosion resistance.

In special cases, we can use Verinox steel - this is a combined duplex galvanized steel with an additional stainless steel inner coating with a thickness of 0.37 to 0.5 mm.,

MSFS silos are manufactured according to the design documentation and have a strength under the increased snow level of 240 kg / m2 and a wind load of more than 160 km / h. Silos can be, both for internal use and for external use.

                                                                     Silo size:

Silos are made from 4.5 m in diameter and up to 32 meters in diameter. The standard range of MSFS silos has been developed.

60 m3, 100 m3, 150 m3, 180 m3, 300 m3, 560 m3, 1200 m3, 2500 m3, 5000 m3, 7000 m3, 10,000 m3

Silo equipment:

- Roof hatch

- Wall access hatches with inspection windows

- Explosion valve on the roof

- Level sensors

- System of aspiration filters

- Mechanical agitator to move the tyrs in the silo

- Hydraulic scraper for loosening wood chips and silage unloading

- Loading hatch or flange for pneumatic loading

- Vygruzhnaya sweep auger

- Hydraulic lift for servicing the gear of the agitator or auger

- Wall and roof ladder

- Active ventilation system with fans (pellet silo)

- Wet Chip Temperature Control System with Controller

- Fire extinguishing system

- Noria bucket for loading silos

Mechanisms for unloading meal from silo

For unloading products from silo, depending on its properties: humidity and fraction, we use several options for unloading systems:

- our production scraper hydraulic discharge system

- screw discharge system of the French company MORILLON

- auger discharge system of the German company GOTTWALD

- resorodno-rotary system of our production

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Technology proven by time! Over 45 years of operation!

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