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Desalination tanks

Desalination tanks are vertical steel tanks of large size, capable of using equipment to desalinate sea water and provide fresh water as a result. These containers can be connected to the urban water supply system.

The desalination process turns sea salt water into potable and irrigated water. A large part of the entire supply of water on Earth consists of salty seawater, which is unfit for drinking. Our tanks are equipped with desalting facilities that allow us to solve this problem. Desalination is used on seagoing vessels and submarines. Desalination focuses on the development of economically efficient methods for the production of fresh drinking water in regions where the availability of it is naturally limited. Desalination is used not only to supply drinking water to humans, but also to irrigate wild vegetation in parks and reserves.

Desalination of hard and sea water has become even more necessary in recent years, since desalinated water has been used not only for drinking, but also for numerous technological processes in production.

Now desalinated water is used mainly for technical needs: utilities, in power plants, in electroplating shops, etc.

Desalination of water for drinking requires additional and thorough cleaning.

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