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Combined stainless steel CGS

Our company for the production of containers that are used to store food and chemical aggressive products uses a combination of imported stainless steel. Combined steel is unique in that in the inner side of the tank body it has a corrosion-proof coating with a thickness of 0.35 mm, and on the outside side a galvanized coating of at least 275 g / m2. The service life of such steel is several times longer than ordinary painted structural steel. The thickness of the combined steel applicable for the production of containers can be from 1.35 mm to 4.35 mm, which allows the production of capacities up to 5000 m3

Знімок екрана  о 14.01.57.png
Знімок екрана  о 14.02.06.png
Знімок екрана  о 14.01.42.png
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