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Cement storage silo

Creative Agromash manufactures steel spiral-folded silos according to the German technology Lipp-system, our silos are airtight and ideally used for cement storage.

Silo is the accumulator of various bulk substances, which is most often used in construction enterprises, cement-concrete plants and asphalt enterprises.


In our company you can order and buy steel silos for cement with delivery and installation in any region of Ukraine. Cement silos supplied by our company are reliable and affordable.


Our silo is made in the form of a vertical cylindrical tank with a conical bottom 65 gr. and having an opening for unloading the product. The silo is equipped with ladders, railings and special devices for unloading and loading. Silos can be made of black painted steel or galvanized steel. Silo sizes can be from 50 m3 to 5000 m3 which are applicable in large cement plants.

Силос для хранения цемента, золы.png
силос для цемента.png
silo for cement

Technology proven by time! Over 45 years of operation!

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