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Individual rescue kit for self-evacuation in case of fires in crowded places and accidents at chemical plants

UNIVERSAL FILTERING SMALL-SIZED SELF-RESCUE KIT is designed for individual protection of respiratory organs and vision from toxic combustion products (including carbon monoxide) during evacuation from smoke-filled rooms during a fire, especially in high-rise buildings, business centers, hotels, in case of accidents on all types of vehicles and in the subway. It also protects against other hazardous chemicals (vapors, gases, aerosols) in the event of industrial accidents and terrorist acts.

The lifeguard protective function is longer than 30 minutes. Thanks to the action of two filters, the concentration of incoming harmful chemicals is reduced. It is a universal remedy for children, men and women.

The universal filtering self-rescuer is used for individual protection against carbon monoxide, smoke and other hazardous chemicals that are formed during combustion during fires, terrorist attacks or during industrial accidents.

What distinguishes this self-rescuer from other personal protective equipment of this class

1. The time during which protection is carried out is longer than that of other analogues (up to 30 minutes), which allows you to manage to evacuate from the zone of harmful effects.

2. The mask includes two filters that actively reduce the level of hazardous chemical vapors, gases and aerosols.

3. The design of the mask allows you to use it for both men with a beard and ladies with long or lush hairstyles.


The design of the self-rescuer is quite simple. The hood body is made of a special material resistant to high temperatures and chemical reactions. On the front part there is a transparent sight glass.

The front (roto-nasal) obturator, outlet valve with valve cover, cuffs for attaching the filter and the filters themselves are fixed in a special way on it. The design with filters is supported on the head by means of an external adjusting band of the headband. To maintain the shape of the hood on the inside there are additional guide insert of the headband and an internal elastic self-regulating band of the headband. Along the bottom edge, the self-rescuer is equipped with an elastic cervical obturator, which prevents harmful substances from entering the hood.

The mass of the self-rescuer is not more than 500 grams, however, excluding packaging. An untrained user will be able to bring the self-rescuer to working condition in 20 seconds. Half mask can be used to protect a child from 7 years.

You need to remember only one subtlety. If this is a child from 7 to 12 years old, then the lower half of the mask should be below the level of the chin, and for adolescents over 12 years of age and adults, it should adjoin the groove between the mouth and chin. In this case, the self-rescuer does not require special adjustment for the user. It is issued in a single size, which greatly facilitates its use and gives any person a chance to protect themselves in an emergency.

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