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chain scraper conveyors

Chain conveyors TTKK intended for farms and small industrial granaries.

In our line of chain conveyors TTKK, with a capacity from 50 to 500 tons / hour.

The body of the conveyors is made either of galvanized metal or of metal with pockets Magnelis

Chain conveyors are optimally suitable for transporting grain crops at elevators, both in small farms and in large agricultural holdings, port terminals.

Conveyors have a modular design and are supplied, both assembled and in order to save on unassembled transport.

TTKK simple and reliable to maintain. The price of the chain conveyor depends on the required performance and options.


• Motovario gearbox by AEMOT electric engine (drive section)

• Anti-clog system and inspection hatch

• Tension system (tension section)

• Speed ​​sensor

• Chain or forged type

• Cleaning scrapers and buckets to avoid product being carried.

Цепной конвейер.JPG
Цепной скребковый транспорте.JPG
Цепные конвейеры .PNG
Цепной скребковый конвейер.PNG
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