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Pellet storage silo

LLC KREATIV-AGROMASH is ready to offer our customers several options of metal silos with a flat and with a tapered bottom for storing fuel pellets in the conditions of existing boiler plants for the production of fuel pellets. Silos can be, both internal and external placement:

- with a conical steel bottom on supports

- with a conical steel bottom placed inside silo body

- combined steel bottom with concrete foundation

- with a conical concrete bottom for outdoor use

- collapsible panel silos with a conical steel bottom for internal use

Flat bottom silos are the same as grain silos, only explosion-proof diaphragm valves and fire extinguishing systems are installed on the roof. Depending on the application, silos with a tapered bottom are made from black painted or galvanized steel, steel with a thickness of 2 to 4.0 mm., Galvanized steel with zinc coating using hot-dip galvanizing of at least 275 g / m2.Characteristics are the same as on flat bottom silos. The silo can also be equipped with a thermometry and active ventilation system. Inspection and inspection hatches that are installed in the wall and on the silo roof are included in the silo kit. Ladders and fences on the roof of the silo for the safety of service, all our silos are bundled. The conical bottom is made of both black painted steel and galvanized steel (on request). Equipment can be equipped for unloading pellets from big races.

We have also developed projects for the construction of concrete conical foundations, which gives a very high stability of silos





- Roof hatches

- Wall inspection hatches with inspection windows

- Explosion diaphragm valves on the roof

- Upper and lower level sensors

- Dust collection system (suction filters and dust collectors)

- Mechanical agitator to move the mass in the silo

- charging port

- Unloading radial-rotary grinding screw conveyor

- Hydraulic lifter for servicing gear turner

- Wall and roof ladder with platforms and fencing

- Active ventilation system with fans and sensors

- Temperature and level control system

- Fire extinguishing system (automation)

- System for gentle loading of pellets into the silo Go Silos are made in sizes from 50 m3 to 5000 m3

Знімок екрана  о 08.04.32.png
silo spiral for pellet
Комплекс подачи пеллет на котельную.png
Знімок екрана  о 12.24.07.png

silo 30 м3

silo 150 м3

silo  270 м3

silo  470 м3

  silo 700 м3

silo 1625 м3

Знімок екрана  о 12.07.30.png
силос для пеллет з конусним дном
Силос для хранения пеллет.png
силос для пеллет з плоским дном
photo of our pellet storage silos

Technology proven by time! Over 45 years of operation!

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