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Creative-Agromash conducted clinical trials of the Transport Box of the BIO-BOX 20060 isolator at the Feofania Clinical Hospital. The capsule has passed all clinical trials and is included in the register of medical devices of the public service for the control of drugs and drugs. After the tests, we presented the capsule to the Feofania hospital.

04/24/2020 Andrievsky Yuri handed the head of the emergency station of the city of Kremenchug Dubnitsky I. I a sealed box insulator for transporting infected patients.

04/23/2020 The leadership of Creative-Agromash demonstrated at the Emergency Center in Poltava a modified box for transporting infected patients to We transferred the box for testing to the Poltava doctors.

04/22/2020 Creative-Agromash handed over our capsule to the head doctor of the Aleskandrovsky hospital Antonenko Lyudmila. The transfer was made possible thanks to the philanthropist Dr. Valikhnovsky founder of the platform www.anticovid 19

04/20/2020 Andrievsky Yuri handed over to the chief physician of the 1-Poltava Clinical Hospital Anna Selkina our airtight box for transporting infected patients.

Creative-Agromash LLC, as a Ukrainian manufacturer, joined the business assistance platform in combating global epidemics COVID-19. The platform was founded by a famous doctor, surgeon Rostislav Valikhnovsky.

On April 14, 2020, Creative-Agromash demonstrated a developed capsule for evacuating infected patients to a hospital. The capsule was tested at the Poltava Ambulance Center.

10/27/2019 The work on installing a water tower of 300 m3 and a silo for wood chips of 600 m3 for the Interles company in Kremenchug is nearing completion

10.16.2019 A silo was put into operation to ensure the operation of the pellet boiler house in Ternopol.

Creative-Agromash took part in the 18th International Exhibition of Equipment for the Woodworking Industry LISDEREVMASH 2019 Creative-Agromash presents silos for wood chips and pellets of its own production

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