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Frame hangars warehouses and structures

With the help of rolling mill and various bending equipment, Creative-Agromash produces galvanized and black profiles, which makes it possible to offer the customer a complete solution from designing, manufacturing and installing lightweight building structures made of black and galvanized steel LSTK. We offer quickly erected structures of hangars, shops of shopping centers, service stations, greenhouses, livestock farms, quickly erected residential buildings from galvanized cold-rolled profiles with a thickness of 1-4 mm and a length of 12 m

Производство и монтаж ангаров
Производство и монтаж ангаров
Знімок екрана  о 14.26.03.png
Знімок екрана  о 14.29.31.png
Знімок екрана  о 14.28.17.png
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