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Bucket belt elevator

Noriya belt bucket grain NLZ is designed for vertical transportation of grain products of its processing.

Noria NLZ is used in flour mills and feed mills, in elevators, port terminals, pelletizing lines, grain receiving points.

Cereal grain elevators are transport equipment of continuous action with a flexible traction body in the form of a tape, designed for the vertical transportation of bulk products, pellets and powdery products, etc.

Noria are used in the composition of technological lines in granaries, pellet and feed complexes, on granulation lines, as well as for feeding grain into silos.

Noriya, produced by our company, optimally meet the requirements for energy saving, environmental and industrial safety. During operation, they require minimal maintenance. It is possible to complete, at the request of the customer, the sensors of the gathering tape, backwater, speed, device protection and control of working bodies.

Noriya are suitable for work with any grain crops, both indoors, and in the open air. Good care and timely service make it possible to maintain Noria in working condition for a long time.

Noria consists of:

Head with outlet;

Shoe with inlet;

Traction Organ (Rubberized Tape with Reinforced Buckets)

Bucket pipes


Technical advantages:

The use of self-aligning roller bearings;

The installation of lining drums in the head of the elevator;

Noriye pipes are made of cold-rolled galvanized steel or from the hoist coated with Magnelis with a thickness of 1.5 to 4 mm

Unloading funnels provide uniform and careful unloading of raw materials;

Tensioning mechanism of increased strength class;

Screw adjustment of belt tension;

Norias are completed with both metal, and polymeric ladles.

To date, the most popular buckets of polymeric materials. They prevent injury to grain and seeds due to the elasticity of the edges, have a lighter weight. The use of polymer buckets eliminates sticking of complex free-flowing and wet products and reduces the load on the nori tape, increases its service life. Completion of nozzles, speed control sensors, suction nozzles of the base of the head, inspection hatches, discussed separately

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