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08/01/2019 Specialists of Creative Agromash LLC started designing a storage facility for 40,000 tons for pellet storage for the Radekhivsky Tsukor company

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Силос для щепы .png

07/25/2019 Creative-Agromash specialists began installation of a silo for wood chips of 600 m3 for Interles.

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07/25/2019 The installation of a silo of 300 m3 for storage of a shepa in the furniture factory of the Divario company is completed

05/25/2019 The grain terminal we built in Kamenskoy shipped the next batch of corn in the amount of 2360 tons to the Ship General Cargo class deadweight of 3134 tons

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Creative-Agromash begins to apply for the production of silos and metal structures steel with enhanced anti-corrosion properties coated Magnelis

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05/07/2019 Today a delegation from Turkey visited our port terminal. Imdat Altuntas is the owner of the OBIAL transport equipment manufacturer. What a pleasant and rewarding meeting! Representatives of the largest plant manufacturer of elevator equipment inspected their conveyors and elevators and appreciated our project at 12 points!

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04/22/2019 The River Grain Terminal shipped the first shipload of corn to the barge in the amount of 1,800 tons. The shipment took 12 hours. After full adjustment of the transport equipment and wiper augers, the estimated barge loading time will be 6-8 hours.

05/22/2018 Creativ-Agromash specialists tested the Mobile Loader to load river transport. The tests went great

04/15/2019 The first corn machine has been accepted at the river terminal today. Routes for the acceptance of grain debugged. The loading mechanisms are being set up for river transport.

10.04 2019 Specialists CreativeAgromash completed the installation of operational silos with a conical bottom with a capacity of 600 tons at the river terminal in Kamenskoe.

04/09/2019 Our company has completed the installation of transport bridges to accommodate the chain conveyors for loading grain onto the river transport in Kamenskoe.

03/30/2019 In the river port terminal in the city of Kamenskoye, works are underway on the installation of vehicles for loading conveyor equipment for ships. Also we carry out the device of concrete roads.

03/27/2019 A regular visit of the leadership of Creative-Agromash to the construction site in Kamenskoe took place.

According to Minutes No. 20 dated March 18, 2009, our company is listed in the National Register of "Best Suppliers of Goods and Services of Ukraine" and will be published on the website of the Analytical Center with a mark of recommendation for cooperation.

The Association for Economic Cooperation and Development, LLC "KREATIV-AGROMASH" is presented for honors in the framework of the National Program "Consumer Choice 2018".

03/18/2019 The next visit of the Creative AGROMASH management team to the construction site was held. Works on the installation of transport equipment are on schedule.

03/13/2019 Construction of the 1st stage of the grain terminal in Kamenskoe is coming to an end.

03/10/2019 Our company, in accordance with the schedule of works, carried out the installation of transport galleries for loading silos

02/25/2019 Construction of the grain port terminal continues. The installation of silos and transport equipment. With warming, we begin to perform work on the device of concrete roads.

Based on the National Business Rating in terms of foreign economic activity, Creative-Agromash was recognized as the Leader of 2017 as an importer of galvanized steel. We ranked sixth among steel importers in Ukraine

02/19/2019 A regular inspection visit of the management to our object was the construction of a grain port terminal in the city of Kamenskoe.

02.02.2019 Work continues on the construction of the port grain terminal in the city of Kamenskoe.

Installation of transport equipment and silos.

12.12.2018 The next visit of the Creativ-Agromash management with the inspection at the port terminal construction facility took place.

11/02/2019 Creative Agromash finishes concrete work and proceeds to the installation of silos and a working tower.

09/01/2019 The construction of the river port terminal in Kamenskoe has started. Creative Agromash performs all design and construction works.

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