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Резервар для удобрений КАС
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Construction Port grain terminals, granaries, storages for pellets, fertilizers and chemical products.

CREATIVE-AGROMASH has extensive experience and trained specialists in the field of design and construction of industrial facilities: storages for pellets, vegetable oil chips and liquid ammoniac fertilizers, granaries of the farming and commercial types. Our production base gives us the opportunity to confidently offer the customer the performance of the entire complex of turnkey works!

- Industrial Design

- production of silos and tanks, transport equipment

- construction and installation 

Our projects are perfectly balanced and rational. It is very important that our projects allow the customer to get a ready-made turnkey object! The history of our development as a construction and manufacturing company begins in 2010 after receiving the first contract for the construction of a river terminal in Kremenchug for the company JV NIBULON LLC In the ten years of work in the field of industrial construction, we were able to implement several ambiious projects.


2010 River terminal at 76 thousand tons. Kremenchug TOV " "NIBULON"

2011 Grain storage for 76 thousand tons TOV " NIBULON "

2015 Granary at 6 thousand tons. Kirovograd FG "MIF"

2015 Grain storage for 2 thousand tons. Svitlovodsk FG "Korida"

2016 Grain storage for 16 thousand tons Globino TOV "ROST-AGRO" Plant seed

2017 Storage for chips and pellets for 16 thousand tons. "Korostensky plant MDF"

2017 Storage for industrial water Juliya Dnepr Factory

2018 Storage for chips company "Technolux"

2018 Storage for pellets of the company "Our warm"

2018 Storage for pellets of Promgazavtomatika company 2018

Storage for pellet company "Ukratompribor"

2018 River terminal per 50 thousand tons Kamenskoe



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Силоса для хранения зерна
Хранилище  для пеллет на 16 тыс. тонн
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ФГ "Корида "
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Силос для щепы
Силос для пеллет_
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