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Belt conveyors

Horizontal belt conveyor (conveyor) - the most common type of continuous transport equipment with a working body in the form of a horizontal belt.

It can be used to transport grain, bulk and bulk products. It is suitable for sorting lines, as well as for organizing work in warehouses and granaries.

The scope of application of horizontal conveyors is very extensive:

-ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy;

-the mining industry (mines and mines);


-chemical and petrochemical field;

-food and light industry, etc.

Conveyors can be made of galvanized or stainless constructional steel or with a paint and varnish coating.

As a conveyor belt, various types of rubber-fabric tapes, plastic modular tapes, and metal grids are used.

The conveyor can be made both in stationary and mobile (mobile) versions.

At the request of the customer, they are completed with additional elements: protective covers and sides, speed control devices, safety sensors, devices for resetting and redirecting the product, using pneumatics. Performance depends on belt size and speed of rotation. We manufacture conveyors with a capacity from 10 to 1000 tons / hour.

Ленточный ковейер.png
Ленточные конвейеры.png
Ленточный конвейер.png
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