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05/28/2020 Engineers Creative-Agromash developed an individual rescue kit Protective Mask respirator for individual evacuation from smoky rooms in case of fire. Demonstration of an improved isolation box for transporting infected and burn patients.

Бокс изолятор.png

05/01/2020 Sealing box insulator for Kalinіvskі Hospital having bought Sergiy Medvedchuk director of TOV "DIVARіO"

- Our partners are our partners, so I can take advantage of the benefits, thanks to the support of Kalinіvsky lіkarnі, - as well as Sergiy Medvedchuk. - We respect, if in the minds of an eponymous coronavirus, if you have a bag of medics to know how to help, we help you a little on Свид-19, it’s important, I’m important to keep a medical mortgage so I’ll be able to capture a medical assistant.

Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients

05/01/2020 The doctors of the emergency station of Kremenchug used our box insulator for the first time. Doctors transported an infected patient from Kremenchug to Poltava.

The leadership of Creative-Agromash was handed over to the boxing insulator for military doctors at the Central Clinical Hospital in Kiev

04/30/2020 We completed the installation of a silo for the storage of wood chips with a capacity of 500 m3 for TOV "DIVARIO" In the silo there is a screw for unloading wood chips of our production analog of the German screw company GOTTWALD AG

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