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Сoal ash silo

Creative-Agromash developed a silo with a capacity of 2000 m3 for ash storage.

Gold is a non-combustible residue formed from mineral impurities of a fuel during its complete combustion.

Mineralogical analysis of chemicals that are formed after burning and pumping various types of fuel shows that the main component of ash is glass with a crystalline phase in the form of quartz, hematite, magnetite and various calcium silicates [1].

In the range of about 1 to 45% or more, in mountain elephants - from 50 to 80%, in the fuel casing - from 2 to 30%, in firewood - from 0.5% to 2%, in vegetable fuel of other types - from 3 to 5%, in fuel oil - more often up to 0.15%, but sometimes higher; in the fruit of pomegranate - 0.5-0.7%. The upper limit of the content of mineral components is the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of using fossil quality.

Coal ash density

Design features of the spiral-folding silo (solid spiral-folding case, the flat surface of the case inside the silo, the tightness and strength of the case are ideal for storing ash. The use of our silo allows you to get a perfectly balanced complex that allows you to accumulate ash in the conditions of existing thermal power plants and to ship to rail transport: Compared with welded and concrete silos, our silo is much cheaper and at the same time has a greater degree of reliability.

Similar silo designs are used in 80 countries around the world.

The silo is equipped with ladders, hatches, a pneumatic ash loading and unloading system, level sensors and ultrasonic volume scanning.

Силос для хранения золы.png
Силосы для хранения золы.png
Силосы для хранения золы.png
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