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Silos for bulk sugar storage

The spiral silos that our company produces are ideally suited for bulk storage of sugar in sugar factories. Silo design features

(perfectly flat walls of the silo body, a single shell of the body, the strength of the silo) allows us to offer containers that can hold up to 10,000 tons of sugar.

 Given the physical properties of sugar: The density of granulated sugar depends on the size of the crystals. For granulated sugar with a crystal size of 0.63–0.8 mm, the density is 762.5 kg / m3, with a size of 0.8–1.0 mm - 867.2 kg / m3, 1-2 mm - 846.6 kg / m3. The angle of repose of granulated sugar with a moisture content of ≤ 0.05% is 32–35 ° and does not depend on the size of the crystals. With an increase in moisture content of up to 1%, the angle of repose increases to 70 °. We offer silos with a flat bottom on a concrete foundation with the installation of a powerful unloading auger for caking products.

  Silo loading takes place using conveyor equipment, belt bucket elevators or a pneumatic loading system.

Characteristics of a silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons:

-Diameter: 32 m

-Height 25 m

- Case thickness 4.5 mm

-Steel: Composite

(galvanized outer coating with a coating of 350 g / m2, internal surface coating of food stainless steel)

- Warming silo with mineral wool and profile sheet

Silo Options:

- Inspection inspection hatches (lower and roofing)

- Wall gates

- Temperature control system with PC controller

- Active ventilation system with fans

- Loading and unloading equipment (conveyor)

- Silo transport galleries with supports

- Level sensors (lower and upper)

- Stairs for silo maintenance

- Sweeping radial swivel augers

- Fence on the roof of the silo

- Ultrasonic sensors for product monitoring with a GSM controller.


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