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Production of galvanized profiles for light steel structures LSTK

  LLC "KREATIV-AGROMASH" on rolling and bending equipment manufactures and offers profiles for the construction of rapidly mounted light steel structures . Profiles are made of black, galvanized or combination duplex stainless steel. We are ready to offer the customer products from both our raw materials and customer materials. With the help of a rolling mill and various bending punching equipment, we are ready to produce profiles of various sizes, channels, angles up to 12 meters long, and thickness from 0.5 mm to 4.5 mm. Our profile designs are made according to the design documentation.All our profiles have mounting holes and it is very easy, as a constructor, they are mounted on the site and turn into structures! The profile is applicable in the construction of residential buildings, cottages, hangars, shopping centers, kiosks, tents, houses, warehouse and industrial buildings. We offer products only from imported quality steel. 

Оцинкованный профиль ЛСТК
Оцинкованный профиль ЛСТК
Профиль ЛСТК
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