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Water towers

The water tower is a structure in the water supply system for regulating the pressure and flow of water in the water supply network, creating its supply and leveling up the schedule of operation of pumping stations. The water tower of our production consists of a metal spiral-folded container (tank) for water, which can be made of galvanized, black or stainless steel. The tank is mounted on a steel support structure.

The regulating role of the water tower is that during hours of reducing water consumption, the excess water supplied by the pumping station accumulates in the water tower and is consumed from it during hours of increased water consumption. The height of the water tower usually does not exceed 25 m, but in rare cases - 30 m; tank capacity - from several tens of m³ is applicable for small water pipes. It is possible to manufacture large tanks for several thousand m³. For large tanks, supporting structures are made mainly of steel or reinforced concrete. Water towers are equipped with pipes for supplying and discharging water, overflow devices to prevent overflow of the tank, as well as a system for measuring the water level with possible transmission of signals to the control room.

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Водонапорные башни
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