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Stainless Steel Tanks for Liquid Food

We produce pressurized steel vertical tanks and pressure vessels for storage of various media, such as:

- food and industrial water,

- juice concentrates

- wine materials and alcohol

- sunflower oil

Vertical tanks are manufactured in volumes from 100 m3 to 4000 cubic meters. For the manufacture of tanks, we use high-quality stainless structural steel AISI 304 or combined steel e on the inside of the tank body is stainless steel, and galvanized steel is standard.

     Vertical steel cylindrical tanks of the type MSFR (Metal Spiral-Folded Reservoir) are designed to receive, store, dispense liquids, and can be used in various climatic conditions. MFSR metal spiral-fold tanks are the cheapest type of storage for various liquid materials. The tank consists of a cylindrical body, a flat bottom and a fixed roof - a flat roof or a self-supporting conical roof, the load-bearing capacity of which is ensured by metal beams, a supporting pipe on which roof sheets are mounted, or a frame conical roof consisting of elements of a profile frame and profiled roof sheets. The constructions of vertical cylindrical tanks are made by us at the factory, and the constructions are installed at the facility using the German technology of Lipp-system AG, using the method of automatic spiral-folded bending of steel coils. For more than 40 years, Lipp technology has been used in Europe, the USA and Asia. Lipp tanks and silos have been proven to be very durable, airtight and safe to store.

   At the request of the customer, we can equip the tanks with working stairs, platforms, hatches and instrumentation system for monitoring the stored product (temperature, humidity, density, upper lower level, flow meters, etc.)

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