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Elevator equipment

KREATIV-AGROMASH LLC produces conveyor equipment in a wide range: belt, scraper, bucket conveyors with open or closed duct vertical, horizontal or inclined placement. Modification of conveyors allows transporting fine-grained materials up to 25 mm with temperatures up to 200 ° C: Our conveyors are used in agriculture to move grains, cereals, mixed feed, flour. Conveyors can be made of galvanized or black painted steel. We use gear motors as imported as well as Ukrainian-made as agreed with the customer. The performance of conveyor equipment is also different and depends on the needs of the customer. We manufacture conveyor equipment with a capacity from 5 t / h to 250 t / h. All designs of our conveyors are developed by our design department. Transport equipment is equipped with speed sensors, sensors backwater and gathering tape.


For transportation of loading or unloading, the movement of grain products at the elevators, various latch valves with manual, electric or pneumatic actuators are used. Our company produces the entire range of equipment for transporting grain:

-Belt and scraper chain conveyors

-Reversing valve

-Gate valves

-Grain Flow Distributors

-Bucket nori

-Transport galleries

-Noria towers

-Screw conveyors


Ленточные конвейеры
Задвижки реейчные и клапана
Скребковый конвейер
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