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silo for pellet


KREATIV-AGROMASH LLC is ready to offer our customers several options for metal silos with a flat and tapered bottom for storing fuel pellets in the conditions of existing boiler plants for the production of fuel pellets. Silos can be either indoor or outdoor:

- with conical steel bottom on supports

- with a conical steel bottom placed inside

silo shells

- combined with a steel bottom with a concrete foundation

- with conical concrete bottom for outdoor use

- collapsible panel silos with conical steel

bottom for domestic use

Silos with a flat bottom are the same as silos for storing grain, only explosion-proof membrane valves and a fire extinguishing system are installed on the roof. Depending on the application, the silo casing is made of galvanized steel with galvanic zinc coating by hot galvanizing of at least 275 g / m2. Steel with increased anti-corrosion properties can be used.


- Roof hatches

- Wall inspection hatches with inspection windows

- Explosive discharge membrane valves on the roof

- Upper and lower level sensors

- Dust extraction system (suction filters and dust collectors)

- Mechanical agitator to move the mass in the silo

- loading hatch

- Unloading radial swivel sweep screw conveyor

- Hydraulic hoist for servicing the agitator gear

- Wall and roof stairs with platforms and railings

- Active ventilation system with fans and sensors

- Temperature and product level control system

- Fire extinguishing system (automation)

- System for gentle loading of pellets in the silo


Silos are made in sizes from 50 m3 to 5000 m3

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