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Biogas reactors are used to produce biogas by fermenting biomass under anaerobic conditions using fermenter reactors. Biogas production is possible in biogas plants of various sizes. These can be small installations of farmer and industrial enterprises to provide the enterprise with their energy and giant centralized energy parks for supplying gas and electricity to the network.



A variety of food and agricultural waste, as well as specially grown energy plants, are suitable raw materials for biogas production. Biogas plants can work both on mono-raw materials and on a mixture of different biowaste. Biogas plants are construction sites consisting of pressurized metal reactors equipped with a complex of raw materials supply systems, heating, mixing, sewage, air gas and electricity.

Our company offers reactors that are manufactured according to the German technology of Lipp system AG. For the production of the reactor in which there are usually aggressive mixtures of biomass, we use a tank constructed of combined steel with stainless steel on the inside and galvanized steel on the outside. The reactor is completed with shut-off valves, sensors and a bag with methane storage (metatank) loading and unloading conveyors.

Biogas reactors and storage
Биогазовые реакторы
биогазовый реактор.png
Накопитель биомассы
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