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Unloading radial rotary screw

The unloading auger conveyor is designed for installation with silos for storage and unloading of hard-friable caking products that are not characterized by gravity unloading: dry or wet wood chips, sawdust, granules, bran, meal. The screw is mounted on a flat metal or concrete silo bottom. Its action is based on the principle of operation of the Archimedean screw. Reliable and durable auger is driven by two gear motors. The screw of the screw moves in two directions: in a horizontal plane along the bottom of the silo, describing a full circle in a clockwise direction at the bottom of the silo, and also rotates around its axis, thereby gnawing the product stored in the silo with a screw ensures complete unloading of the material from the silo. Radial-rotary allows you to load silos in a large volume and, if necessary, guaranteed to unload the product. Screws can be of different capacities and capacities from 5 m3 to 160 m3 per hour. And they can be installed in silos with capacities from 200 m3 to 5000 m3. The auger is controlled by an electrical control cabinet. The screws produced by our company are two times cheaper than foreign counterparts and are not inferior in characteristics, power and quality to foreign screws of companies such as GOTTWALD and MORILON.

Силос с выгружным шнеком.png
Шнек для выгрузки щепы из силоса .JPG
Знімок екрана  о 14.17.40.png
Знімок екрана  о 11.29.27.png
силос для щепы.png
Силос для щепы .png
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